3 Possible Ways to Buy Mutual Funds

By | January 23, 2019

Most people want to invest in mutual funds in search of good returns. But still many people do not know how to invest in MF. However, this is quite easy. Mutual funds can be invested in three ways. It can be invested completely by filling in forms online. Money invested in mutual funds is invested in the stock market. So many people think that for this, a DEMAT account is necessary, though it is not so. Investments in mutual funds can also be invested without a DEMAT account.

Buy Mutual Funds

First way

This method is quite common. It has to be invested through an agent. If there is a problem finding the agent, then you can talk with the toll-free number of the company whose website you want to invest. The company will contact the agent in your area. Then with the help of this agent you can invest.

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 Second way

Can be invested through a website that sells a broker or a mutual fund. Many people who invest in the stock market can also invest in mutual funds through their broker account. Apart from this there are more than a dozen websites in the country who sell mutual funds. People can buy mutual funds after their registration on these websites. If needed, this website also sent its agent to the investor for help.

 Third way

Invest in Direct Plan After the order of SEBI, all mutual fund companies offer direct plan options in all their schemes. These investments are completely online. You go directly to the mutual fund company’s website and choose the scheme directly and complete the investment process in some steps. The payment is also made online here.

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